47 Hearthstone Tournaments for Standard Format

Tournament Winner
Throne of Cards IV StanCifka
Hearthstone Winter Championship ShtanUdachi
HCT 2017 Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs b787
HCT 2017 Americas Winter Playoffs DrJikininki
HCT 2017 Europe Winter Playoffs Pavel
Battle of the Best 2017 - Team Edition [Luminosity] Muzzy
CN vs NA Challenge 2017 Lovelychook
GosuCup NA #1 Noblord
GosuCup EU #1 Wirer
Gold Series Winter OmegaZero
Zagreb Gaming Arena SuperJJ
SeatStory Cup VI Orange
ELC Superstars Thijs
Blizzcon 2016 - Top 8 Pavel
BlizzCon 2016
HCT 2016 Americas Last Call Bbgungun
HCT 2016 Asia-Pacific Last Call Che0nsu
HCT 2016 European Last Call Pavel
Decks to Beat - October 2016 Pascoa
Hearthstone Asia Championship Summer 2016 Handsomeguy
Hearthstone Europe Championship Summer 2016 Dr.Hippi
Hearthstone Americas Championship Summer 2016 HotMEOWTH
ONOG 2016 PAX West Finals Fr0zen
Decks to Beat - September 2016 Rooftrellen
Insomnia Truesilver Championship 3 Ekop
2016 - HCT Americas Summer Prelims Rooftrellen
2016 - HCT European Summer Prelims Georgec
Decks to Beat - August 2016 ThijsNL
SeatStory Cup V Lifecoach
Dreamhack Valencia 2016 Evangelion
Decks to Beat - July 2016 ThijsNL
Hearthstone NA PlayOffs 2016 Cydonia
Dreamhack Summer 2016 RDU
Hearthstone Asia PlayOffs 2016 Handsomeguy
Hearthstone EU Spring PlayOffs 2016 ThijsNL
GosuCup EU June #4 Guukboii
GosuCup EU June #1 Squit
Decks to Beat Standard - June 2016 Dunae
CN vs EU Championship 2016 Lovelychook
Gosu Cup SEA #1 National23
Gosu Cup EU #8 Ercan
Hearthstone NA Spring Prelims 2016 Bradfordlee
Hearthstone EU Spring Prelims 2016 ThijsNL
DreamHack Austin 2016 Chakki
ONOG Open 5 Shoop
Msi EGLX Major
The Curse Trials Thijs

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