63 Hearthstone Tournaments for Standard Format

Tournament Winner
DreamHack Denver 2017 Ike
HCT Summer Championship 2017 Surrender
HCT 2017 America Summer Playoffs Purple
HCT 2017 Asia-Pacific Summer Playoffs Surrender
HCT 2017European Summer Playoffs Pavel
Hearthstone Global Games StanCifka
Dreamhack Valencia 2017 HariSeldon
HCT Spring Championship 2017 Hoej
Seat Story Cup 7 Mitsuhide
Dreamhack Summer 2017 Orange
StarLadder Season 3 Zalae
HCT 2017 Asia Pacific Spring Playoffs Mage
Dreamhack Austin 2017 Shoop
HCT 2017 Americas Spring Playoffs Mussy
HCT 2017 European Spring Playoffs Hoej
CN vs EU 2017 Playoffs XHope
Throne of Cards IV StanCifka
Hearthstone Winter Championship ShtanUdachi
HCT 2017 Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs b787
HCT 2017 Americas Winter Playoffs DrJikininki
HCT 2017 Europe Winter Playoffs Pavel
Battle of the Best 2017 - Team Edition [Luminosity] Muzzy
CN vs NA Challenge 2017 Lovelychook
GosuCup NA #1 Noblord
GosuCup EU #1 Wirer
Gold Series Winter OmegaZero
Zagreb Gaming Arena SuperJJ
SeatStory Cup VI Orange
ELC Superstars Thijs
Blizzcon 2016 - Top 8 Pavel
BlizzCon 2016
HCT 2016 Americas Last Call Bbgungun
HCT 2016 Asia-Pacific Last Call Che0nsu
HCT 2016 European Last Call Pavel
Hearthstone Asia Championship Summer 2016 Handsomeguy
Decks to Beat - October 2016 Pascoa
Hearthstone Europe Championship Summer 2016 Dr.Hippi
Hearthstone Americas Championship Summer 2016 HotMEOWTH
ONOG 2016 PAX West Finals Fr0zen
Decks to Beat - September 2016 Rooftrellen
Insomnia Truesilver Championship 3 Ekop
2016 - HCT Americas Summer Prelims Rooftrellen
2016 - HCT European Summer Prelims Georgec
Decks to Beat - August 2016 ThijsNL
SeatStory Cup V Lifecoach
Dreamhack Valencia 2016 Evangelion
Decks to Beat - July 2016 ThijsNL
Hearthstone NA PlayOffs 2016 Cydonia
Dreamhack Summer 2016 RDU
Hearthstone Asia PlayOffs 2016 Handsomeguy
Hearthstone EU Spring PlayOffs 2016 ThijsNL
GosuCup EU June #4 Guukboii
GosuCup EU June #1 Squit
Decks to Beat Standard - June 2016 Dunae
CN vs EU Championship 2016 Lovelychook
Gosu Cup SEA #1 National23
Gosu Cup EU #8 Ercan
Hearthstone NA Spring Prelims 2016 Bradfordlee
Hearthstone EU Spring Prelims 2016 ThijsNL
DreamHack Austin 2016 Chakki

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