Last Update: 2015/11/19
  SeatStory Cup #4
1. Mage Freeze Mage SuperJJ
Paladin Paladin Token SuperJJ
Warrior Warrior Control SuperJJ
Druid Druid Ramp SuperJJ
  HWC - Worlds Championship #2015
1. Warrior Patron Ostkaka
Rogue Oil Ostkaka
Mage Freeze Mage Ostkaka
2. Rogue Oil HotForm
Druid Druid Ramp HotForm
Mage Mage Tempo HotForm
3. Warrior Patron ThijsNL
Priest DragonPriest ThijsNL
Mage Freeze Mage ThijsNL
4. Druid Druid Ramp Kno
Warlock Zoo Kno
Paladin Paladin Token Kno
5. Warlock Zoo Kranich
Hunter Hunter Midrange Kranich
Druid Druid Ramp Kranich
6. Shaman Shaman Totem Midrange Pingpingho
Druid Druid Ramp Pingpingho
Hunter Fel Hunter Midrange Pingpingho
7. Shaman Mech Shaman DieMeng
Paladin Secret Paladin DieMeng
Hunter Hunter Face DieMeng
8. Paladin Secret Paladin Zoro
Hunter Hunter Face Zoro
Druid Druid Ramp Zoro
  Decks to Beat - November
1. Paladin Secret Paladin ThijsNL
2. Druid Druid Ramp TwoBiers
3. Warrior Patron Xixo
4. Hunter Hunter Midrange TwoBiers
5. Mage Mage Tempo Orange
6. Warlock Demon HandLock TwoBiers
7. Warrior Warrior Control StanCifka
8. Rogue Oil Firebat
  HS Arena Invitational
1. Druid Druid Aggro Xixo
Mage Freeze Mage Xixo
Hunter Hunter Face Xixo
Warrior Patron Xixo
2. Paladin Paladin Token TwoBiers
Hunter Hunter Midrange TwoBiers
Warlock Demon HandLock TwoBiers
Druid Druid Ramp TwoBiers
  Star Ladder Finals
1. Mage Freeze Mage StanCifka
Warlock Demon HandLock StanCifka
Druid Druid Ramp StanCifka
Warrior Warrior Control StanCifka
2. Paladin Secret Paladin ThijsNL
Warrior Patron ThijsNL
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