Latest Hearthstone Tournaments Decks for Standard format

1. Warlock Zoo RDU
Shaman Shaman Aggro RDU
Hunter Hunter Midrange RDU
Mage Yogg Tempo RDU
2. Warrior Patrons Fr0zen
Shaman Shaman Aggro Fr0zen
Druid Yogg Druid Fr0zen
Rogue Miracle Fr0zen
3. Hunter Hunter Midrange Slugg
Warlock Zoo Slugg
Warrior C'Thun Warrior Slugg
Shaman Shaman Aggro Slugg
4. Warrior C'Thun Warrior Hoej
Warlock N'Zoth RenoLock Hoej
Druid C'Thun Druid Hoej
Shaman Shaman Aggro Hoej
5. Warrior Aggro Pirate! SuperJJ
Shaman Shaman Midrange SuperJJ
Priest C'Thun Priest SuperJJ
Rogue Miracle SuperJJ
6. Shaman Shaman Aggro BoarControl
Warrior Warrior Tempo BoarControl
Warlock Zoo BoarControl
Hunter Hunter Midrange BoarControl
7. Hunter Hunter Midrange Maverick
Shaman Shaman Aggro Maverick
Warlock Zoo Maverick
Warrior Dragon Warrior Maverick
8. Hunter Hunter Midrange Tessin
Warlock Zoo Tessin
Warrior Warrior Tempo Tessin
Shaman Shaman Aggro Tessin
1. Druid C'Thun Druid Handsomeguy
Rogue Miracle Handsomeguy
Shaman Shaman Aggro Handsomeguy
Warlock Zoo Handsomeguy
Warrior Warrior Midrange Handsomeguy
2. Mage Freeze Mage EdwardElric
Rogue Miracle EdwardElric
Shaman Shaman Aggro EdwardElric
Warlock Zoo EdwardElric
Warrior Dragon Warrior EdwardElric
3. Hunter Hunter Midrange Foot
Rogue N'Zoth Rogue Foot
Shaman Shaman Midrange Foot
Warlock RenoLock Foot
Warrior C'Thun Warrior Foot
4. Hunter Hunter Midrange KillerHero
Mage Yogg Mage KillerHero
Shaman Shaman Aggro KillerHero
Warlock Zoo KillerHero
Warrior C'Thun Warrior KillerHero
5. Druid C'Thun Druid Caster
Hunter Hunter Midrange Caster
Mage Freeze Mage Caster
Shaman Shaman Aggro Caster
Warlock RenoLock Caster
6. Druid C'Thun Druid Pinpingho
Hunter Hunter Midrange Pinpingho
Shaman Shaman Midrange Pinpingho
Warlock RenoLock Pinpingho
Warrior C'Thun Warrior Pinpingho
7. Hunter Hunter Midrange Heisnotaxel
Mage Yoog Mage Heisnotaxel
Paladin Anyfin Paladin Heisnotaxel
Priest N'Zoth Priest Heisnotaxel
Warrior Warrior Control Heisnotaxel
8. Druid Yogg Druid Jako1910
Hunter Hunter Midrange Jako1910
Rogue Miracle Jako1910
Shaman Shaman Midrange Jako1910
Warrior Warrior Midrange Jako1910
1. Hunter Hunter Midrange ThijsNL
Rogue Miracle Rogue ThijsNL
Shaman Shaman Aggro ThijsNL
Warlock RenoLock ThijsNL
Warrior Warrior Tempo ThijsNL
2. Mage Freeze Mage INER
Rogue Miracle INER
Shaman Shaman Aggro INER
Warlock Zoo INER
Warrior Tempo Warrior INER
3. Hunter Hunter Midrange Loyan
Paladin N'Zoth Paladin Loyan
Shaman Shaman Midrange Loyan
Warlock RenoLock Loyan
Warrior N'Zoth Warrior Loyan
4. Hunter Hunter Midrange Casie
Rogue Miracle Casie
Shaman Shaman Aggro Casie
Warlock RenoLock Casie
Warrior Warrior Control Casie
5. Hunter Hunter Midrange Crane333
Mage Freeze Mage Crane333
Shaman Shaman Aggro Crane333
Warlock Zoo Crane333
Warrior Patrons Crane333
6. Druid C'Thun Druid AkaWonder
Hunter Hunter Midrange AkaWonder
Shaman Shaman Midrange AkaWonder
Warlock RenoLock AkaWonder
Warrior C'Thun Warrior AkaWonder
7. Mage Freeze Mage GeorgeC
Paladin Anyfin Paladin GeorgeC
Shaman Shaman Midrange GeorgeC
Warlock Zoo GeorgeC
Warrior Warrior Control GeorgeC
8. Hunter Hunter Midrange Turna
Paladin N'Zoth Paladin Turna
Shaman Shaman Aggro Turna
Warlock Zoo Turna
Warrior Warrior Tempo Turna
1. Warlock Zoo Guukboii
Warrior Warrior Control Guukboii
Shaman Shaman Aggro Guukboii
1. Mage Mage Tempo Lovelychook
Shaman Shaman Aggro Lovelychook
Rogue Miracle Lovelychook
Paladin Anyfin Paladin Lovelychook
1. Warrior Warrior Control Squit
Rogue Miracle Squit
Hunter Hunter Midrange Squit
Warlock Zoo Squit
2. Warlock Zoo GanzaRider
Hunter Hunter Midrange GanzaRider
Warrior Warrior Tempo GanzaRider
3. Shaman Shaman Midrange TorTheBor
Warlock Zoo TorTheBor
Warrior Patrons TorTheBor
4. Shaman Shaman Aggro Elosik
Warlock Zoo Elosik
Warrior Dragon Warrior Elosik

Hearthstone Metagame Breakdown

Hearthstone tournaments Metagame for Standard Format for the Last two months ordered by most played class.
With a total of 304 Decks & 14 Tournaments.
Warrior Warrior   22 %
Shaman Shaman   20 %
Warlock Warlock   18 %
Rogue Rogue   11 %
Mage Mage   9 %
Hunter Hunter   9 %
Paladin Paladin   6 %
Druid Druid   4 %
Priest Priest   2 %